Action Canada

Action Canada is the only Canadian fellowship that offers both senior leadership development and cross-country conferences to enhance an understanding of Canada and public policy choices for our future.  Fellows are chosen from all sectors, including business, science, government, academia and the professions.

“ While different programs exist that provide aspects of both of these objectives, rarely do the two come together in such a powerful and sustained way as Action Canada.”

’07 Fellow and UBC Assistant Law Professor, Benjamin Perrin

Each fellowship year centres on a policy theme, such as “Enterprise in Canada” in 2006 and “Canada as a World Leader” in 2007.  The annual theme influences all aspects of the fellowship year, the selection of Fellows, invited guests, and the Fellows’ policy projects.

The program revolves around six intensive, three-to-four day, working conferences (scheduled around weekends) held across Canada.  In past years, conferences have taken Fellows to locations in British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon, Nunavut, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario.

During our conferences, Fellows interact with leaders from government, industry, the media, academia and NGOs.  They also participate in Action Canada’s signature sessions such Power of the Question, How Ottawa Works, and Dialogue Dinners with key decision-makers.  And, Fellows hone their writing skills on public policy with some of Canada’s top authors and journalists, including Andrew Cohen, Roy MacGregor and Jacquie McNish.

In addition, Fellows work in teams on a policy project related to the year’s theme.  These projects develop teamwork, project execution and other leadership skills.  Past Fellows’ projects have inspired Canadian policy.

Action Canada is an exceptional experience that requires a substantial time commitment.  Fellows undertake the program in addition to their regular work, graduate or professional studies. The fellowship year is from May 2010 – 31 March 2011.  Program costs, travel, accommodation and most meal expenses are provided by Action Canada.